About Us – Who we are

Telos Launch Group Partner & Block Producer Candidate

Telos-21Zephyr is the Telos initiative from 21Zephyr, we want to encourage and help build the new Telos blockchain by providing reliable data management and secure processing of blockchain interactions to help make the Telos blockchain stronger.  We are a blockchain company who has been involved in many of the most innovative and important blockchain initiatives, including Telos sister chain EOS.  We have a data center, located in the Champaign, Illinois.  We are passionate about the blockchain community and we are here to serve the technological and security needs of the community. 

21 Zephyr is also passionate and committed to helping build the community around Telos by offering support to Telos users, helping answer questions, and helping grow participation within the Telos community.  We support the community by providing educational resources such as articles, virtual conferences, and live streams which help make our community stronger and more informed.  As part of our commitment to the Telos blockchain and its democratic governance, we want to support you, the Telos voters and token holders in better understanding and engaging with the Telos network and its developers.

We hope that you will vote for Telos-21 Zephyr to be a top 21 block producer on the Telos network, and that we can continue to support you and the blockchain for many years to come.

We host the Champaign Blockchain Meetup, and strive in bringing community awareness, education and empowerment to the Telos Blockchain and its users.