Meet the Team

Michael Gucci, MD – Founder

Michael is the founder of Telos-21Zephyr and has been with Telos since the early days. Michael is a former ER Physician, completed his medical degree from India and a Family Medicine Residency from the University of Connecticut. He was an ER Physician for 17 years working across several hospitals in the Midwest. Michael became fascinated with Bitcoin in 2015 and founded a private venture fund Bitcoin Fortress Ventures, which subsequently became Z-Meta and currently has investments in ShapeShift, BTC Media, Abra and several other companies in the blockchain space.

Bhargav Kalari, ME – CTO

Bhargav has been intensely integrated with the Telos Ecosystem since its early days. As a member of the TLG (Telos Launch Group), he has participated in the testnet to help launch the network. Bhargav is a Computer Engineering Master’s Degree Graduate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Apart from leading Telos-21Zephyr, he also administers the Data Center requirements for its parent company 21Zephyr and has experience working as a Software Engineer and Senior Network Engineer at the Research Park of UofI.

John Wolff – Chief Network Engineer

John is a Network Engineer working on setting up AWS infrastructure. He has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and lives and works in Champaign, IL. In addition to his role at Telos-21 Zephyr, John is a Software Engineer for the Applied Research Institute at the University of Illinois. John has experience building and deploying scalable cloud infrastructure in production environments and cyber-security within the cloud.

Irina Gucci – Community Manager

Irina completed her Masters in Economics from Ukraine and worked for Ancor, an International Human Resources Organization. Irina subsequently moved to United States to pursue her passion in Arts and Humanities. In 2015, she came across Bitcoin and was fascinated by the technological innovation and subsequently made her way through Ethereum, Steemit and then to EOS. Irina brings her extensive Human Resources experience to her role as the Community Manager for Telos-21Zephyr and is excited to be part of the EOS Community.