Core Technology

21Zephyr’s motto is to design, build and operate high-density data centers for verification of transactions on Blockchains. With our hard work, we make the Blockchains we support stronger. Telos21Zephyr has been a Telos Launch Group Partner in helping launch the Telos Blockchain right from its early stages. Our team consists of experienced software personnel and influential members of the crypto community in Midwest, US. It was a well-balanced combination and best of both worlds to be a perfect Block Producer Candidate. We have shown incredible performance during the last few months with exceptional consistency and involvement.

Our mission is to advance the strength of Telos Blockchain and position it in the right way for both developers through transparent, efficient technology, and the community by enhancing community awareness, education and empowerment through educational articles, videos, resources, and meetups. Please contact us through one of the social mediums if you feel your team’s goals are aligned with us and we are always looking for collaboration some great projects.


We believe in excellence and reliability when it comes to our data center management. We use Amazon Web Service Cloud computing (AWS) as the backbone of our network. AWS offers secure and reliable up times for our datacenter, making 21Zephyr a consistent and effective data center to trust with block production. Our state of the art facility and data architecture provides redundancy, DDOS protection, and top class node security to ensure that our node is always up and working to advance and secure the Telos blockchain. We have plans down the road in our future phases where we envision our servers on bare metal in the top-tier data centers in Chicago which we believe would add diversity and pave way for true decentralization to the Telos Blockchain as well. We constantly update and maintain our infrastructure to maintain the consistency and be on par with the industry best practices and being on the cloud in our initial phases greatly helps us to do so.

At the core, we have a load balancer with Patroneos running in front of it. Patroneos is specifically designed for the EOSIO nodes in order to provide a layer of protection against the Denial of Service attack vectors. This would ultimately drop the bad actors and forward any valid requests for processing to our Full nodes. At the second level, we have multiple servers expanding according to the requirement, the non-producing full nodes, with published API endpoints and serve the Telos Blockchain Network, developers and its users.

At the third level, we have the public seed node connected to trusted BPs in the network and is also available to sync. And at the core level, we have a private Block Producing server, providing one of the best performances in the network.

Our general specifications:

  • CPU: 8–16 vCPU Cores
  • Memory: 32–64GB RAM
  • Network: up to 10GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD

We’ve backup and failover nodes syncing constantly with the blockchain and ready to produce. It automatically kicks in case of a system failure or, fired up for producing during system maintenance and upgrades.

All of our environment is sealed off and private for access, with the best possible practices. Additionally, as Block Producers, we provide nodes and support both the testnet and stagenet versions of the network, for constant tests and updates and are always active and enthusiastic for improvements. Please shoot any questions you have in our telegram channel and please vote 21zephry1111 as your block producer for the Telos Blockchain Network.